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State of the Art Software Solutions


OBSAI & CPRI management protocols for efficient OAM solutions

Customers develop proprietary management specifications based on OBSAI and CPRI protocols. MTI mobile’s flexible OAM implementation allows fast and easy adaptation to allow full compliancy with different OAM requirements with minimal effort. This covers OBSAI, CPRI, SNMP, CLI and derived proprietary management protocols.


In-house proprietary driver development

MTI Mobile develops the full OBSAI and CPRI based solutions ranging from optical communication to RF emission/reception. This allows full flexibility for optimal design utilizing both FPGA/ASIC development and associated efficient driver development. MTI Mobile’s SW architecture allows fast adaption and the ability to continuously improve and exploit the benefit of having complete system and SW coverage.


Advanced regression test for reliable SW deliveries

During product development and subsequently during maintenance, new features are added and existing features are improved. This requires regular SW updates to products – during both development and field operation. Here consistent and reliable SW is mandatory. MTI Mobile employs sophisticated SW regression test techniques which systematically exercises the whole OAM protocol and assures all live network scenarios are fully validated before any SW is released to customers.