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Interfacing solutions for next generation radios


OBSAI & CPRI for true Remote Radio Heads applications

OBSAI & CPRI allow long-range separation of the radio and baseband parts of cellular base stations. OBSAI & CPRI interfaces employ fibre optic technology to connect the baseband units with the radio heads, thus simplifying radio network deployment.


AISG for advanced network management

The AISG protocol allows the control of remote equipment like antennas and TMAs and it supports new software to be downloaded to active antenna systems. AISG simplifies operations and maintenance procedures for mobile operators.


JESD204B for radio to digital serial communications

MTI Mobile continues to innovate and drive the global evolution of mobile broadband technology with the IP Core solution for JESD204B-enabled devices. JESD204B is a new standard – developed by the JEDEC work group – that improves and simplifies the technology needed to efficiently incorporate wireless 4G (LTE and LTE-A) into high performance small base stations, radio heads, and other industry applications like radar, medial imaging, aerospace and generic datacom.