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Digital Platform


The digital unit is at the heart of every radio product and is the enabler of software configurability. This unit interfaces with the baseband unit using the OBSAI or CPRI protocols. It performs vital functions – such as PA linearization – and it hosts the radio control unit managing the radio head itself. It also parses management data through the OBSAI/CPRI links over Telnet, CLI or SNMP.


Multi-standard technology

MTI Mobile’s digital unit is based on a scalable design. It supports a range of wireless technologies, including LTE, WiMAX, WCDMA, and UMTS and it offers increased flexibility to providers of mobile broadband networks.

The unit supports daisy-chaining configurations with linear/tree/star topologies and it uses data compression to increase the supported bandwidth on the optical interface.


Power Amplifier Linearization

Power amplifiers amplify but also distort signals due to their intrinsic nonlinearities. An effective approach to compensate for nonlinearities is DPD (Digital Pre-Distortion). DPD techniques are software configurable and flexible. Combined with DPD, CFR (Crest Factor Reduction) reduces signal peaks ensuring better utilization of the PA. Both DPD and CFR are MTI Mobile core technologies. MTI Mobile‘s universal algorithms for dynamic crest factor reduction (DCFR) and dynamic digital pre-distortion (DDPD™) are owned by MTI Mobile as intellectual properties.