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Solutions to complex design challenges


MTI Mobile is a leader in providing innovative technology solutions to complex design and manufacturing challenges within the mobile industry.
Our technology focus areas are:


• Radio systems design including efficient digital platforms, PAs, and filters

• Optical interfacing for distributed radio systems

• Special algorithms of enhanced radio performance (DPD & CFR)


Our technology vision


• Innovative design

Operators and suppliers are – today more than ever – in need for flexible and low-cost radio systems solutions. Our radio solutions are based on thinking outside the box and they give operators higher flexibility while reducing the capital and operational expenses.


• Fewer components

Costs and failure rates rise exponentially with the number of components used to build radio systems. Our mission is to use innovative thinking to simplify radio design without sacrificing industry-leading performance.


• Flexibility

Flexibility means employing modular, software-configurable systems that can be easily adapted to many technologies, standards, and performance requirements. Our current systems attest to the fact that this approach works.


• Partnerships

Partnerships are the keys to success in a dynamic industry. Open communications and inspired cooperation are needed to develop the synergies that set our products apart. Our strategy is to nurture and develop strong working relations with our industry-leading partners.