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Radio over Ethernet demonstration


5G mobile fronthaul is envisioned to be packet-based, utilizing main stream transport technologies like Ethernet. IEEE 1914 Next Generation Fronthaul Interface (NGFI) Working Group works on defining requirements, architecture as well as encapsulations and mappings for the next generation fronthaul.
Radio over Ethernet (RoE) is a Standard for Radio over Ethernet Encapsulations and Mappings developed under IEEE 1914.3 working group. It enables transport of native IQ data over Ethernet (Native RoE packet mapper), as well as supports structure-aware mappers and structure-agnostic mapper for CPRI/OBSAI and other data formats. In this way legacy, e.g. Long Term Evolution (LTE) equipment can be flexibly included in Ethernet-based fronthaul. In this whitepaper we present a demonstration of RoE using a native time domain mapper. It can be flexibly used in 5G and 4G deployments, for Cloud (or Centralized) Radio Access Network (C-RAN) architecture, as well as for base stations architecture with Remote Radio Head (RRH) and non-centralized Baseband Unit (BBU).

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MTI is very active in IEEE 1914 standardization since its beginnings under IEEE 1904 group. MTI has a pleasure to serve as an editor of IEEE 1914.1 standard, focusing on architecture and requirements for Next Generation Fronthaul Interface (NGFI).


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RoE Demo (640p)

RoE Demo (HD)