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OBSAI v4.2

The OBSAI (Open Base Station Architecture Initiative) Reference Point 3 interface is a dedicated high-speed communication protocol for transfers of digital radio samples and control data between wireless base station baseband and radio modules. RP3-01 is an extension of RP3 intended for base band to remote radio modules.
Key Features:

  • Support for BBM / LC / RRH applications
  • Support for RP3-01 master/slave
  • Support for LTE / WCDMA / WiMAX / GSM
  • Programmable rates up to 6.144 Gbps
  • Support for dual bit maps
  • Sample widths 8 / 16 bits
  • Independent sample rates per carrier
  • C&M: Ethernet, RP3 Control Msg
  • Includes RP1 Generator
  • Delay accuracy <1ns
  • Include 8b10b coding block
  • Support for any ASIC / ASSP / FPGA target
MTI‘s OBSAI-RP301-v.4.2 implements both eNB and RRH (Remote Radio Heads) interfaces. The solution includes all features required to support WCDMA/LTE, multi carrier GSM/EDGE CDMA2000 and WiMAX applications. MTI’s OBSAI-RP301-v.4.2 is compliant with the latest OBSAI RP3 v.4.2 and Test Specification and is the market leading solution used today in several eNB on-thefield installations.

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