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The de-facto standard in interfacing and advanced signal processing technology


MTI Mobile is one of the world’s leading competence centers for Intellectual Property Cores (IPC) development and integration. We cover a wide range of protocols including CPRI, OBSAI, and JESD204A/B silicon agnostic controllers as well as advanced DSP blocks including flexible Digital UP-Down Conversion (DUC/DDC), Dynamic Crest Factor Reduction (DCFR) and Digital Pre Distortion (DDPD) with best-in-class performance targeting any ASIC/ASSP or FPGA application.


We aim at accelerating time-to-market and reliability of electronic products are the key targets of our IPC portfolio. MTI Mobile provides value added services for customization and integration with the expertise and resources to meet customer needs.


The services offered under IPC business line include:

  • IPC design and customization
  • IPC support
  • IPC integration, verification and validation
  • Netlist implementation for specific technologies
  • Hardware Acceleration blocks for specific technologies
  • Software Development (Drivers, API, etc)
  • Support for specific EDA tools (simulators, verification languages etc.)



MTI Mobile has since its inception been delivering the CPRI/OBSAI Intellectual Property Cores (IP Cores or IPC) that have become this industry’s de-facto reference standard. The latest in CPRI, OBSAI and JEDEC JESD204 technologies together with SDR are critical components in the development of base station sub-modules and remote radio head systems for LTE and LTE-Advanced, as well as for other standards.

 MTI Mobile’s IP Core solutions implement CPRI, OBSAI and JEDEC JESD204 digital interface standards in support of the air interfaces that are used in hundreds of thousands radio and IC products deployed in the field today.

For details regarding our Intellectual Property Cores interfaces, contact our sales department at sales@mti-mobile.com.