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World class mobile products


MTI Mobile is a world leader in the design and delivery of customized 3G/4G radio and power amplifier solutions as well as IP core interfacing (CPRI/OBSAI) for providers of mobile broadband technology. We develop high-quality, state-of-the-art mobile products from engineering blueprints through to product maturity and volume delivery.


Our core technologies are based on market-leading expertise in the following areas:

  • RF systems engineering
  • Interfacing technology for radio access networks including CPRI & OBSAI cores (intellectual property)
  • Universal algorithms for Dynamic Crest Factor Reduction (DCFR) (intellectual property)
  • Dynamic Digital Pre-Distortion (DDPD™) for power amplifier (PA) linearization (intellectual property)


Our mobile broadband technology is a building block for the development of customized macro, micro, and pico cellular radio network products.


Why choose MTI Mobile for radio solutions?


MTI Mobile’s products embody the highest standards in performance, flexibility, and quality. Our products meet the strictest operational requirements of any mobile operator. The key benefits of MTI Mobile’s radio heads are:

  • Compact and light without compromising on performance
  • SW configurable & remote firmware upgradable (multi-mode, multi-frequency)
  • Broadband architecture for cost savings and flexibility
  • Full range of interfacing & protocol options for effective O&M
  • Dynamic crest factor reduction (DCFR) and dynamic digital pre-distortion (DDPD™) for highly efficient power amplifiers
  • Solutions available for macro, micro, and pico-cellular deployment

MTI Mobile has a proven track record in the design and production of high quality, low-cost radio solutions for leading global network providers. Our world-class design team and precisely operated manufacturing facilities guarantee a fast ramp-up, on time delivery, and outstanding performance.

We guarantee:

  • Lowest cost/performance ratio on the market for radio network products
  • Fast, accurate, and predictable production ramp-up
  • Effective cooperation with clients through dedicated design and production teams
  • Success for our clients by executing and delivering projects in strict accordance with the agreed terms and schedules

MTI Mobile operates a quality management system which complies with the requirements of ISO 9001.