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MTI Mobile: What we do


MTI Mobile is a global business unit of MTI Microelectronics Technology, Inc. MTI Mobile designs and delivers customized radio solutions, power amplifiers, and IPC interfacing solutions for leading providers of mobile broadband networks. We develop state-of-the-art, high-quality radio network products from engineering blueprint through to product maturity and volume delivery.


What are our areas of expertise?


MTI Mobile is a world leader in radio solutions engineering and the manufacturing of RF systems. As leaders in advanced digital signal processing technology we deliver high efficiency, state-of-the-art performance.


By excelling in reliable software solutions and interfacing protocols we ensure seamless interoperability between subsystems. Our core fields of expertise include remote radio head systems engineering, efficient power amplifier design, optical interfacing, digital signal processing, and RF filter technology.


We are experts in delivering on our promises: We execute on design and product delivery projects reliably and predictably and we comply fully with agreed time schedules. We provide optimized supply chain management and precise manufacturing control for quick production ramp-up and ramp-down.