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MTI at BackNets 2017 workshop at IEEE VTC

2017-09-25 00:47:50 MTI at BackNets 2017 workshop at IEEE VTC. Standardization efforts to build 5G networks are intensifying. We see high activity in 3GPP, IEEE (1914 – NGFI, 802.1 CM – TSN) and CPRI (standardizing eCPRI) forums. Aleksandra Checko from MTI gave a keynote presentation, representing IEEE 1914 NGFI, at
BackNets workshop to show progress on xhaul transport standardization. IEEE 1914 (xhaul) is finalizing specifications on architectures and requirements (IEEE 1914.1) as well as on Radio Over Ethernet Encapsulations and Mappings (IEEE 1914.3 - RoE). The presentation is available for download at: http://www.mti-mobile.com/technology/technical-papers/

IEEE 5G-IoT Summit

2017-09-18 00:45:11 MTI proudly supported IEEE 5G-IoT
Summit Helsinki by contributing to a presentation on “IEEE 1914 NGFI (xhaul): building the transport foundation for 5G”, Jouni Korhonen, Nordic Semiconductor, Norway; Aleksandra Checko, MTI Radiocomp, Denmark

Fronthaul dimensioning tool

2017-05-01 09:47:57 Probably everyone working on fronthaul for 5G networks needs to calculate throughput requirements for different functional splits. MTI prepared a Fronthaul Dimensioning Tool and shares it in a form of an open source tool. It is based on LTE air interface and can be updated when 5G New Radio (NR) parameters will enter into 3GPP standards. This tool is our contribution to IEEE 1914 Next Generation Fronthaul Interface (NGFI) working group to facilitate definition of data rates required for 5G fronthaul. The tool is available for download at:

MTI CPRI 7.0 – now available!!

2016-08-10 08:54:36 MTI CPRI 7.0 is now available!! CPRI (Common Public Radio Interface) is an interfacing standard for high-speed communication of digital radio samples and control data between wireless base station and remote radio modules.

C-RAN and fronthaul

2016-06-20 10:03:17

C-RAN and fronthaul

Several articles on our work within C-RAN and fronthaul are now available in the library: http://www.mti-mobile.com/technology/technical-papers.